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Six Photos of Saguaros - Tucson, Arizona

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Crested Saguaro

April 2010 - This multi-headed saguaro was found about 300 yards from the large saguaro directly below.

As you can see, my crazy cousin Danny found it. :)

Tall Saguaro Standing beside this very tall saguaro in my cousin Matt. Matt is 6 foot 4, which gives you some perspective about how tall it is.

This is the largest one we have ever found during our cactus hunts!

We called this one an octopus saguaro.
Saguaros A line of saguaros.
Birds Nest in Saguaro I thought the hawks nest in the arm of the saguaro would be a cool shot for cactus people.
Admiring the trunks and arms of a saguaro from below.

-Photos submitted by Martin Molina, a lifelong Tucson, Arizona resident.

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