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Tucson Mountain Park - Tucson, AZ

(Photo Gallery by Joel Smith, February 2009)

Tucson Mountains, AZ I am taking someone out to Pan Quemado tomorrow. I hated to spend a very decent winter day indoors or weeding, so I went out to the Tucson Mountains. I've taken photos of this area many times, but I did a bit of scrambling today. Enjoy!
Tucson Mountain Park Saguaros The saguaros were eye-catching as usual.
Tucson Mountain Park Tucson Mountains, AZ Known as Tucson Mountain Park... located west of the city.
Tucson Mountains

Tucson Mountain Park

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    Resort I found myself at some resort. Despite the doomsday reports on the economy, there were still many folks on the golf course and the pool sounded lively.
    Looking east toward Tucson.
    Tucson, AZ Looking north into Tucson.
    Tucson Mountain Park

    Tucson Mountain Park, AZ

    Tucson Mountain Park

    Plenty of mountain views!
    Tucson Mountain Park I started off on the Yetman Trail and quickly went into the hillsides. I climbed an entire hill for what I though was a petroglyph. Once I was close enough, I was able to see that it was just natural erosion of the rock. Bummer!
    Saguaro Trunk Back in the 1940's, some scientist saw the blackening of the saguaros and sounded the alarm. Some blamed cars for CO2 and others thought it was a virus. It seems that it just might be natural to the saguaros. You would think that in over 60 years with our population explosion, that the CO2 would have wiped every saguaro out and the same with a virus. They're still here and still doing fine.
    Desert Fairy Dusters The Desert Fairy Dusters (Calliandra eriophylla) were starting to bloom.
    Echinocereus fendleri I was watching the Echinocereus fendleri for blooms or buds, but nothing.

    Photos above submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. You can see more of his Arizona photos at:

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