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The Tucson Desert (Joel's Wandering With Photos - December 2007)

Took a quick stroll through a desert area that will be an industrial area in the next few years this morning. Progress is continuing in Tucson ... Run for your life!

A Young Ferocactus in the morning sun.

I would have loved to have seen this in bloom! Look at all the fruit.
Growing up together, but for how long?
This one was over six foot!

One of the strangest that I have ever seen. Over 8 heads on this one!
The cholla towered over me.
Multi-headed echinocereus.
Crested or a victim of grazing years ago?
Nest for rent! Cheap!
Deadwood, cholla sheath.
Small Ferocactus all alone in the world.
Snubbed by a snow bird! No justice in the desert.

-These photos were submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. His personal web site is

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