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"All Is Quiet Along The San Pedro"

(Photos Of Joel's Walk On The Riverbed Of SE Arizona's San Pedro River - July 2008)

Turtle I went back along the San Pedro River in Cochise County today. It is a riparian area and closed off to vehicles along certain areas. I love going to places where the off-roaders can't go. I've read that only 2% of Arizona is riparian and 95% of that has been destroyed in the name of progress. It's our loss and more the pity that so few know or care.

I spotted this box turtle on the trail.

Wildlife Footprint I am not sure what animal made this footprint along the river. It was large though.
San Pedro River, AZ San Pedro River, Arizona

San Pedro River, AZ

The San Pedro River was still rising from the rains last night when I arrived at 7 a.m. I went north along the trails instead of the river.

It was a beautiful Arizona morning. I tried to stay close to the river when the brush would permit. I know a river walk is no big deal to most folks in America. Here in Arizona, we don't have that many year-round rivers, and so this is a rare treat for us.

Looking across the brush.
Unknown Plant I saw quite a few of these weeds. I hope it is not what I think they may be.
Arizona The washes on the sides were bone dry. Since the San Pedro runs south to north, Mexico must not be receiving much rain of late.
The dry creek bed.
San Pedro River, AZ The river completely dries up ... This is Arizona folks!
Yucca A pretty yucca plant.
You can see how erosion along the banks starts. The lower portion is swept away by the water and eventually gravity will kick in.
Snakes Snakes

Snakes Snakes



I did come across two decent sized rattlesnakes too. I might be middle-aged, but I can still jump faster than lightning when I have to!

I asked some snake experts about why they had their heads up. Basically, they were fighting for mating rites. I guess there was a third rattler (female) not very far off from us. I am told that they try to pin one another in this combat. What you have is two very lethal creatures fighting in a non-lethal manner.

San Pedro River, Arizona On the way back, the water level had dropped hard. I did discover a few pockets of quicksand on the way back. You can't tell it from the river itself. You step and you sink fast. You have to raise that leg quick and high and keep in motion.
San Pedro River, Arizona Still, the grace and beauty was there today. It was 107 in Tucson, a few degrees cooler where I was, but it beats being inside an air conditioned tomb all day.
I hopped around a bit during the day. An old trail going back to nature.
Cholla The terrain does not have a wealth of cactus. It is a real hard scrabble area and you have to take what little you find. I did spot this cholla.
Cholla Bloom A cholla bloom.
Prickly Pear Cactus A prickly pear cactus with new growth.
Old Railroad Grade

old Railroad Grade

I walked along an old railroad grade at one point. It was a great end to a great day really.

-These photos were submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. Enjoy more his Arizona photos at:

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