Saguaro National Park East - Tucson, Arizona (Early Morning, May 2006)

Saguaro Cactus I paid a visit early in the morning to Saguaro National East, located on the east edge of our city of Tucson.
Saguaro National Park Sigh! Look at how glorious the Arizona desert is.
Saguaro And look, the saguaros are blooming!
Arizona Notice the many blooms starting to grow out on this one.
Saguaro Just beautiful!
Saguaro Saguaro National Park is definitely a "must visit" attraction if you are visiting Tucson.
Saguaro National Park Sigh! I know I live in Colorado, but man oh man, one of these days ...
Saguaro ... I just might have to move down to southern Arizona, so I can photograph these beautiful saguaros!
Cholla Bloom Red flowered bloom.
Saguaro in Bloom These are fantastic pictures. Thanks Joel!

-Photos submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. His web site is: www.BajaArizona.com.

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