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Desert Botanical Garden - Phoenix, Arizona
(Steve and Pete Make an Afternoon Visit - February 9, 2008)

Desert Botanic Garden The Desert Botanic Garden in Phoenix!

I captured this crested saguaro before I entered the park. This particular saguaro can be seen along the roadside leading to the parking lot.

Desert Botanic Garden This is known as an Octopus Cactus. The official name is Stenocereus Alamosensis and it can be found in desert areas in western Mexico.
Desert Botanic Garden Now I should mention that I live in Colorado and was traveling through the state of Arizona. I was slowly bicycling through the Phoenix metropolitan area and had a free afternoon to wander about the botanic garden. I really enjoyed the warm weather and took so many photos! :)
Toothpick Cactus Toothpick Cactus Special thanks to Pete in Tempe, AZ, a member of the botanic garden who got me in for free as his guest.

Oh and that interesting "cactus tree" is known as a Toothpick Cactus, Stetsonia Coryne. It grows commonly areas in South America.

Saguaro Plenty of saguaros.

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    Organ Pipe Cactus Organ Pipe Cactus

    Desert Botanic Garden

    Ahhhhh ... the organ pipe cactus. This is, by far, my favorite cactus among them all.

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    Desert Botanic Garden Chollas.
    Helpful information about barrel cacti and water.
    Phoenix, Arizona I think this is my favorite picture. Arizona is such a beautiful state!
    Desert Quote An inspiring quotation about the desert.
    Cactus Probably in the barrel family.
    Saguaro Check this out! There is a prickly pear growing on the side of this large saguaro. See it? :)
    Desert Botanic Garden Looking at fruit hanging from a type of cholla.
    Desert Botanic Garden Sunlight reflects nicely on this purple tinted prickly pear.

    It was a fantastic day to be in the Arizona desert!

    Note: Photos and commentary were provided by Steve Garufi, who visited Phoenix, Arizona in February 2008 as part of his bicycle ride across America.

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