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Saturday Morning Wandering In The Arizona Desert

(Photos Submitted by Joel Smith - May 2, 2009)


It was a long week at work. I decided to hit the desert hard and fast to see if I could blow off a little steam. It's starting to get warm here. You could almost hear the machine gun rhythm from Tucson where over 100,000 newcomers and out-of-staters are up on their living room tables clicking those ruby red slippers together screaming that there is "no place like home" with tears coming out of their eyes. Those that can't afford to escape summer will lock themselves into their air conditioned tombs until November. Me? I am home out here in the desert. :)

Saguaro Saguaro Bloom


The saguaros were inviting and friendly. Almost bloom time!
Saguaros Saguaro Saguaro


Arizona Desert Saguaro Bloom
Cactus Bloom

The Desert Floor

The desert floor. I can't ignore it! There's something about the desert that makes me feel alive!
Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert Arizona Desert

If you ever wondered how someone will say that a fat snake crossed here...
Arizona Desert Snake Tracks

Arizona Desert


Petroglyphs Petroglyphs Petroglyphs
Petroglyphs Photos and commentary were submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. You can see more of his Arizona photos at: www.BajaArizona.com.

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