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Koht Kohl Hill - Pima County, AZ

(Joel Smith's Scenic Photos In The Arizona Desert - December 2008)


Out in the wilds of the Ironwood National Forest in Pima County, Arizona is the Koht Kohl Hill. I parked my car at the ARSCO mine. The modern area known as Silverbell seems to have destroyed the remnants of the town by the same name. Somewhere in the Aguirre Valley lies the last Spanish Mission built in Arizona (Mission of Santa Ana del Chiquiburitac). Silverbell lies a good 15 miles west of Marana which is a sprawling suburb on the northwest side of Tucson.

I did not expect to see it today, but rather I wanted to see how far and fast I could take the terrain. I only made it to the Koht Kohl Hill. I was happy to have made it that far given the terrain. It was hill after hill like waves in the sea with the next one worse than the previous one. When it was flat, it alternated between rocky and sandy soil.

ADJACENT PHOTOS: The locals wanted nothing to do with me today ... At least the locals that I wanted to see: A Striped tail scorpion.

Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert

The hills are fantastic.
Arizona Desert Arizona Desert

Arizona Desert


Other cactus.
Saguaro A saguaro arm begins to grow.
Arizona Desert target="blank"> Arizona

Arizona Saguaros

Arizona Arizona Desert

As usual, the saguaros were the show stealers. I am not sure about the weather they get as opposed to the Tucson area, but I have never seen so many disfigured saguaros.

Old Tire

The area does have problems with illegals, 4WD folks who don't stay on the roads and target shooters who like to use anythingt they hit as a target. Note the run-over young saguaro and prickly pear.
A large crevice from Koht Kohl Hill.

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