LARGE GOLDEN BARREL CACTUS (Tall "Golden Barrels" at Tucson, AZ Nursery)

Golden Barrel Cactus

July 2006 - These golden barrels are growing at Bach's Nursery here in Tucson. It was a nice trip to the northwest part of town that I don't get into very often.

The large one (right photo) is about 3.5 feet tall and the clumping one (bottom photo) is about three feet. They have no sentimental value for me, if you like the Golden Barrel Cactus, you might take a liking to these pictures.

Directly below is what's known as a "clumping" golden barrel cactus that was about three feet tall ...

Golden Barrel Cactus

-Photos contributed by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. His web site is Baja Arizona.

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