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Gates Pass in Tucson, Arizona (Photos - February 2, 2007)

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I headed over to Gates Pass inside Tucson Mountain Park (west of Tucson) this morning.
Saguaro I did not hike as much as planned, but instead became enamored with photographing saguaros such as this adjacent one. Apparently this one had its head cut off, probably as a safety precaution courtesy of the city of Tucson. :)
Arizona A cluster of saguaros.
Gates Pass, Arizona

Gates Pass, Arizona

You can read a little more about the history of Gates Pass in the photo above. This is a very nice spot with a parking lot, overlook and trails for exploring the desert area.
Prickly Pear Cactus Prickly pear cacti pretty much grow like weeds out here in Tucson. ;)
Arizona Arizona A saguaro (left) that has an arm growing that looks more like a cat's tail, and a young saguaro (right).
Gates Pass The sun was relatively harsh as I turned to face the south. Golden Gate Mountain is the largest peak to the right.
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    Tucson Mountain Park


    I'm fairly sure these two photos are of the same group of saguaros. In the top photo, I am somewhat certain I was facing east, which shows the city of Tucson way off in the background.

    - Photos and commentary submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado.

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