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Colorado Cacti In Fremont County (May 3, 2006)

Cactus All morning I spent time photographing scenery in Fremont County, Colorado. It's a very diverse area with rocky, pinion-covered hills, grand views of the northern Sangre de Cristo Mountain range (from the towns of Howard and Coaldale) and very desert-like terrain in Canon City and Florence. In the adjacent photo, I snapped a shot of a prickly pear in the town of Wellsville.
Cactus Also, right off Highway 50 in Wellsville, I zoomed-in on a flowering "walking stick" cactus. This is a variation of the cholla cactus that grows naturally in this region.
Cactus A field of walking stick cacti at the Pinnacle Rock rafting area, a point along the Arkansas River (east of Texas Creek, CO) that is popular for river rafters to enter and exit the river.

-Photos submitted by Steve Garufi. His Twitter page: @SteveGarufi.

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