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The Desert Botanical Garden

(Joel's Photos of His Visit to the DBG in Phoenix, Arizona - August 2007)

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I had to run up to Phoenix this week to pick up my daughter at Sky Harbor Airport. I had a few hours to kill so that I could avoid rush hour, and I went to the Desert Botinical Gardens. Maybe one of the Phoenix "regulars" on this web site could go down there and take a few shots of the night bloomers there soon!
Organ Pipe Cactus Organ Pipe Cactus
(NOTE: You can view a photo collection of organ pipe cacti here: Organ Pipe Cactus Photos.)
Hungry Desert Woodpecker
A hungry woodpecker.

Coryphantha madness!
Stenocereus Griseus
Stenocereus Griseus

A Crested Mammillaria - I forgot to write the name of this one! :(

Pachycereus Pringlei

Stenocereus Pruinosus

Unknown cactus in the foreground, but very impressive!

Echinocereus Brandegeei in bloom.

Photos submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona.

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