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Coyote Mountan Wilderness - Pima County, AZ

(Joel Smith's Photos of the Arizona Desert - January 21, 2009)

Arizona Desert The area I visited today is totally off of the radar. The Coyote Mountain Wilderness borders the Altar Valley (an illegal hot spot) and the Tohono O'odham Reservation in Pima County. There is no public access to this BLM administered area. Fortunately, ranchers grant access to the public and hunters to travel into the area. Should you ever go, remember to close the gates. It only takes a moment. I was not sure what to expect. I could find no real information regarding the area. It's a real gem!
Arizona Desert Arizona Desert The one on the left lost its head!
Arizona Beautiful Arizona scenery.

Coyote Mountain Wilderness

Walking up a ridge.
Arizona Desert This is saguaro country alright.
Saguaro Note from webmaster...

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  • The strongest saguaro. Holding a rock shelf up.

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    Arizona Scenery Southern Arizona at it's best!
    Small Cave A cactus lover and a desert rat's dream come to life. Wide and roaring canyons and more cactus that anyone could count! If you know what you're looking at, there are many caves in the area. I'm just hesitant of going into them. I'm not a caver and I know that it's a learned art.
    Barbed Wire Fence I didn't see much cattle. It is hunting season and it looks like they were pulled in to secure areas.
    I went with someone that wanted to show me about Hohokam sites. I was taught how to spot pottery shrads. This one is painted. Unknown age, but obviously a time of ease that allowed time for the arts.
    Petroglyph Petroglyph

    The area abounds in Hohokam petroglyphs. Unknown ages and once again, there is no Rosetta Stone with these. What they say is all guessing.

    Happy trails to all. Take nothing but photographs and memories. Leave nothing but your bootprints and shadow.

    -These pictures were submitted by Joel Smith in Tucson, Arizona. You can see more of his Arizona photos at:

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