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Blooming Cactus In Buena Vista, Colorado (May 5, 2006)

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Colorado Cactus

Check this out! I was out photographing Mt. Princeton (photo below) and upon walking in a field, I came across all of these small blooming cacti. It is just amazing to see these kinds of plants growing in Central Colorado!

Although I don't know the technical name for them, I've heard many refer to them as "Mountain Ball Cactus."

Colorado Cactus What pretty and colorful flowers!
Colorado Cactus Now all of these were probably only a few inches in length. All of them could be held in one's hand.
Colorado Cactus I am guessing these are in the golden barrel family.
Mt. Princeton Lastly, here was the mountain that I was originally photographing for This is Mt. Princeton, a "14er" in Colorado in that it's summit is 14,000+ feet above sea level. The small town of Buena Vista in central Colorado is well known for its stunning view of this mountain to the west.

Photos and commentary submitted by Steve Garufi in Buena Vista, Colorado. His Twitter page: @SteveGarufi.

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