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Steve Garufi's 20 Cactus Photos From His 2011 Bicycle Across America Ride

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

In February-April 2011, I biked across America from southern California to coastal Georgia. I had a wonderful time and you can read more about my journey here:

Being a cactus lover, of course I snapped a few pictures of pretty cacti and desert scenery along the way. On this page are all 20 photos (whether good or bad quality) of every cactus I photographed. :)

-Steve Garufi

Joshua Tree National Park After a hard ride to Chiriaco Summit (east of Indio, CA), I enjoyed a brief tour of Joshua Tree National Park. Oddly, we didn't see any joshua trees during our drive, but we did come across a large cholla field.
Chollas This type of cholla, often called a "Teddy Bear Cholla," is one to be careful around, as they drop a lot of their cactus branches and "fingers" onto to ground. It is common to get thorns all over your shoes and ankles!
Chollas Beautiful close up shot.
Joshua Tree National Park Now that looks like a mountain worth climbing!

Desert Scenery

Desert Scenery


Onward I traveled across America. Adjacent are two shots near Granite Wash Pass between the towns of Hope, AZ and Harcuvar, AZ.

Shefflers Motel The Shefflers Motel in Salome had a variation of the prickly pear cactus that grows tall and strong like a tree.
Desert Saguaro A lone saguaro somewhere out there near Aguila.
In Phoenix, I did not come across many saguaros or cacti. The one exception was when the bicycle trail went near the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.
Tall Saguaro A magnificent saguaro at the entrance of the La Casa Blanca community on Baseline in Apache Junction.
I'm sure there is an official name, but I call these "Cholla trees." :)
An unique shaped saguaro near Florence Junction.
Arizona Desert Scenery Perhaps one of the grandest shots of the lush Arizona Sonoran Desert. This shot was taken from Highway 60 near Florence Junction.
Saguaros in the median as I approached Gonzales Pass in Pinal County, AZ.
Superior, AZ A few prickly pear cacti can be seen on the far left of this Superior, Arizona picture. ;)
Saguaros A hill replete with saguaros on the San Carlos Indian Reservation.
Arizona Desert Scenery A beautiful desert scene, also on the San Carlos Indian Reservation.

Cactus In Texas
Lastly, I photographed a patch of prickly pear cactus that sat next to a monument for some kind of historic trail. This was located between Haskell and Stamford on Highway 277.

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