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The Arizona Desert
(Peter's Weekend Wanderings and Cactus Photos - January 2008)

Echinocereus engelmannii Both Saturday and Sunday were pretty much out-in-the-desert-all-day kind of days, thanks to MLK. On Saturday, I was back southeast of Florence trying to get more of a handle on the Echinomastus erectocentrus "acunensis" populations there. Yesterday we went up through Wickenburg on highways 60/93 (the Joshua Tree Parkway) and were stunned by how beautiful it is there. Tons of very fast moving traffic zooming to Vegas or Laughlin or whatever, too.

Adjacent photo: A crested Echinocereus engelmannii.

Saguaro Skeleton A saguaro skeleton.
Cholla Tree Cylindropuntia fulgida, a form with fewer brown spines.
Arizona Desert The lower desert near Florence, AZ without saguaros.
Arizona Desert A nice stand of Ferocactus cylindraceus.
Saguaro North of Wickenburg, Arizona is a real mix of Sonoran/Mohave with giant saguaros and equally giant Joshua Trees.
Joshua Tree A giant Joshua Tree! (Note Jen hiding in the trunk.)
Arizona Desert The little treelike Opuntias are very cool.
Cactus Both days I was pursuing my obsession with Echinomastus. A nice older branching erectocentrus "acunensis" from Saturday.
Cactus The new find for me was Echinomastus johnsonii "lutescens" north of Wickenburg, really showing off at sunset.
Cactus Another new find, Mammillaria tetrancistra, here buddying up with a seedling Ferocactus.
Cactus A beautiful Mam easily mistaken for microcarpa, except for the more feathery radials and the seed, which has a large corky hilum.
Arizona Desert The moonrise in the Arizona desert.

-These photos were submitted by Peter B. in Tempe, Arizona.

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