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Assorted Retail Cactus at Mt. Garfield Greenhouses in Grand Junction, Colorado

Retail Cactus For Sale
Cactus For Sale

March 2013 - Spring has arrived and I've begun to visit the many greenhouses and nurseries in my city. Here's a photo of some of the cacti being sold at Mt. Garfield Greenhouses. Below are seven photo galleries of my favorite cactuses and a video.

Cactus Photo Galleries

Euphorbia Heptagona - Distinct dark orange thorns.

Graptopetalum Amythest - Pretty fuschia on the ends.
Mammillaria Camptotricha - Wild thorns on that cactus.
Notocactus Graessneri V Flaviflorus - A long Latin name and not to be messed with.
Rebutia Krainziana - Attractive and small white thorns.

Stenocactus Coptonoconus - A popular cactus sold in retail settings.
Trichocereus Terscheckii - Large thorns on a hearty cactus plant.


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