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Hints On Cacti - Antique Cactus Catalog

February 2010 - Jeff Strohl, a research professor at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. donated this hard copy of a cactus catalog titled Hints on Cacti by A. Blanc & Co. in Philadelphia. The print on the cover indicated this edition was copyrighted in 1891, although I can not confirm whether the age of the paper is the same year. Nonetheless, it is an antique book that will be treasured by the web community.

Below are ten photos of the cacti mail order catalog that included cactus identificiation and cactus care tips for 700 varieties of cacti and succulents. I delicately opened various pages to give you a glimpse of what's inside this 112 page book.

Photo Gallery
Hints on Cacti
The front cover is thin and barely hanging on to the binding. Two large staples seem to have a good hold on the bulk of the pages.
Hints on Cacti
The first page, with information about the cactus greenhouses in Philadelphia.
Cactus Catalog
Information about the echinocactus.
Hints on Cacti
Echinocereus with flowers in bloom.
Cactus Book
The first page of the mamillarias section.

Cactus Book
Beautiful saguaros.
Cactus Catalog
Don't look down on antique books. Were you aware that cactus spines were used for fishing in some cultures? Neither did I.
Cacti or Cactuses?
A section about the age-old question about whether to use "cacti" or "cactuses" as the plural form. Recently I read the term "cactus" is also acceptable, as some use it as a collective noun. :)
Hint on Cacti Catalog
This was probably the most prominent cactus distributor in the country. If I obtain more information about this company, I will certainly share it.
Antique Cactus Book
The back cover. Sorry folks, this book is not for sale.

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