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Happy 1st Birthday To Cactus Lovers!

Arizona June 27, 2006 - It was exactly one year ago today, on June 27, that Cactus Lovers, was born. Happy Birthday Cactus Lovers! :)

We've done a lot in the past year: Cactus photos from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Kansas have been submitted by various visitors. Great trip reports to various Arizona spots are now available, and the Cactus Forum has become an increasingly valuable resource for newcomers to present their specific cactus-related needs and/or questions.

We've wrestled with the appropriateness and tackiness of grafting cacti (we're largely against it), debated the illegal immigration issue and discussed environmental impact matters of the southwest's precious desert ecosystem. We've also learned of great work happening with volunteer organizations such as the Tucson Cactus Rescue.

Arizona DesertWe have also had quite a lot of fun too. My "kiss a cactus" page is attracting a lot web traffic these days. Joel Smith in Tucson continues to show voluminous photos of all the cacti he is tending in his yard. People also seem continually amused with viewing the cactus web cam running live in Wickenburg, Arizona.

As the webmaster of Cactus Lovers, let me say I am extremely proud of all this web site has become, and I don't think it is a stretch to call it the greatest cactus web site in the world. If you have a "soft spot" for cacti and succulents, then look no further than this web site that is packed with cactus information in a fun and light-hearted community setting.

This web site is only getting better. I encourage you to stick around and enjoy year number two!

Top Right Photo: A photo of the desert outside of Tucson, Arizona.
Left Photo: Joel Smith stands in front of a large organ pipe cactus in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in south central Arizona.

UPDATE: Cactus Lovers 2nd Birthday in 2007 here.

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